Tricky Triangles

Can you fit the pieces into the puzzle template so that each number that touches makes 10? This was the problem that Year 2 were faced with today. There were some frustrated faces to begin with as the children tried to find lots of different possibilities but after lots of testing and trying they finally started to find different solutions. They were very proud of themselves as you can see by their faces! 


Problem Solving

Today in Maths Year 2 had a very tricky problem to solve. They were asked to place the numbers 1-6 in the circles so that each number was the difference between the two numbers just below it. There were lots of different ways to do this. The children found it difficult to begin with but kept trying and soon began to find lots of possibilities. 


Super Science

This week the children have started to learn all about plants. They started their week by planting their very own herb garden and created a list of jobs that would need to be done to make sure that the herb garden grows. They then sketched and labelled a plant and thought carefully about the role of each part of the plant.