The Outdoor Beat

This week the children have been exploring the sounds that can be heard or made throughout the school grounds. This included beating a drum stick on a wall, the ground, a tree trunk, bin lid and fence, stomping on the ground and rustling leaves and branches. Back in the classroom the children are beginning to make a simple sketch map of their route using a key to show where they found a good place to make a sound. We can’t wait to share our finished maps.


Beat, Band, Boogie!

It was fantastic to see all of the children back today. They were so enthusiastic and excited when they came in and couldn’t wait to hear all about our new topic, Beat, Band, Boogie. The children started off this morning by designing and making a musical instrument. They then used their new instruments to create musical masterpieces. They had so many fantastic ideas and didn’t waste any time in getting started! Here are some pictures from this morning.